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Jirrahlinga Dingo Conservation Wildlife & Education Centre is a highly regarded sanctuary for injured wildlife, situated in the Centre of Heritage Diggings National Park, just over an hour from Melbourne.


Founded in 1975 by Tehree Gordon, the centre has been providing a safe haven for animals in need for over four decades. The centre's heroic rescue mission during the Ash Wednesday Bush fires in 1983 gained national and international recognition. Let's ensure our heritage is preserved for future generations to come.

'Jirrahlinga', Aboriginal for 'seek a home for a kangaroo'.


Jirrahlinga is not just for distressed native animals. It is primarily about people. Particularly people who have a disability, a special need, the frail or the aged.

What better therapy could there be than to come into a supportive environment to work quietly with animals or just visit and touch a koala or joey that do not place demands on a person's physical or mental capacities

This is the secret of Jirrahlinga:

A place where dementia patients suddenly respond for the first time in months, where people with learning difficulties working on a regular basis find the confidence to talk animatedly about their animal charges, or where disadvantaged youth gain an opportunity to move on through life after discovering that the complexities of life can be managed by giving to creatures with more need than they have and which respond with their own form of gratitude.

Our vision is simple, we strive to be a World Class Wildlife Sanctuary, delivering high standards of care, compassion and ethics to all of our animals, as we work towards the long-term sustainability of all wildlife and the environment.

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